Sprite Parts for Ace’s Generator

Having a built-in generator is a great feature in RPG Maker VX Ace, but despite the amount of graphics it lets you play with, it still feels like it’s lacking. I decided to make my own parts to add, to give it a bit more variety.

I’ve placed the parts in .rar files for convenience.

If you find any problems with these parts, please let me know, so that I may fix them!

If you don’t know how to add files to the generator, I made a tutorial here, on my blog.

Default Hair Recolours

I didn’t like the default colours for the blonde, black and red hairs, so I made them a little more natural-coloured. However, the red recolour doesn’t match the face hair colour.

Posted ImagePosted Image

As you can see.

Because of this, I made two different rar files to download. One has the files named so that it’ll replace the current files, and the other just adds on to the rest.




Here are some extras that I compiled together.

Example of what you’ll find:
Posted Image

Female Clothes 21, 22, Rear Hair 33, Male Clothes 23 and Accessory 2_16 are all custom. Female Clothes 23, Male Clothes 21, 22, and Accessories 2_21, 2_22 are taken/edited from Ace RTP. Accessories 2_17, 2_18, 2_19, 2_20, 2_23, 2_24, 2_25, and 2_26 are from the Famitsu Generator.

Click here to download

Enjoy! ~


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  1. Very nice, many thanks

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