Battle Macros v1.2

Battle Macros

Version: 1.2
Author: OriginalWij
Date: 2/7/2010


This emulates the macro system from Phatasy Star IV.
What that means is that you can set “preset” attack macros for your party.
For example: you set Char1 to attack, Char2 to defend, Char3 to use Fire magic, Char4 to heal.
Then you can call that macro in battle and those actions will be carried out.



  • 5 definable macro-sets
  • Works with attack, skills, items, and defend
  • Configurable texts, colors, and buttons
  • Optional auto-battle feature that can also use macrosv1.1
  • Fixed use non-battle item as macro bugv1.2
  • Fixed use non-battle skill in macro bug
  • Fixed actor command text alignment
  • Added macro command disable if no macros


All customizable options are listed at the top of the script


Overwrites some base battle code so similar scripts will conflict.
Probably will not work with other battle systems (especially Tankentai).
Other than that compatibility should be high.


Battle Macros v 1.2


Place in Materials, above Main (plug and play).
Below most other battle scripts.

Terms and Conditions

Free to use (non-commercially).  Please credit me.


Me (OriginalWij)


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