Monthly Archives: February 2015

Recent updates

Hello all! Yes, we are still alive, if not entirely active in the RPGMaker community. Several of us have still been busy with our projects through other means.

One of our old RMC Admins C7 has been working on multiple game projects, which can be found at

Recently, kalez released ‘Casting Rights’, the 3rd book in his series, Nihilian Effect. It can be found on

You all heard about Gyrowolf’s music resource pack, but have you heard of his latest release, Gyrowolf Galactic?

Sander has released several works on Amazon, and I hear he has a big webcomic project in the works.

LovelyBlue is currently going to school and working hard to become a teacher. She is close to entering university!

Unfortunately, I do not have any information about the others, other than that they are alive and well, but stop by from time to time to catch up, and you can always hop in to IRC to say “hi”!