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Fantasy Series III :: The Fae (Wind & Earth)

Finally, the last of the spiritual fae. I’m happy that they’re all done now. ^_^ I especially like the Wind fairy~! Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

WIND FAIRY :: Credit Ookie Panda and Tatanya.

EARTH FAIRY :: Credit Ookie Panda and Tatanya.

Good luck and happy RPG Making!

– Ookie Panda –


Fantasy Series II :: The Fae (Fire & Water)

Guess I’m on a role. ;O I looked back at my fairy sprites and always thought it was so neat how Tatanya so kindly recolored them for me to make an elemental set. Then I realized that these fae should be a lot more special than the others. These fairy forms of the elemental characters in VX were so fun to make. I hope I will have just as much fun with Wind and… Earth? Hope you enjoy~

FIRE FAIRY :: Credit goes to Ookie Panda and Tatanya for the recolor.

WATER FAIRY :: Again, credit Ookie Panda and Tatanya. ~

Good luck and happy RPG Making!

– Ookie Panda –

Fantasy Series I :: Elven Princess & Pixie

Hi, it’s Ookie Panda! Finally decided to pop in. I made a sprite for an elven princess and a pixie for a contest a while back. Now, here are the faces to go with them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. :)

ELVEN PRINCESS :: Please credit Ookie Panda for the sprite and also LovelyBlue if you use the face/portrait. I borrowed some hair pieces from her portrait.

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