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Sander got published!

Sander doesn’t alway refer to himself in the third person but when he does, it is for a clear title.

It has been a while since my last post so I wanted to make sure to mention I am still alive. I’ll start posting new tutorials soon, but first wanted to share some achievements from the past few weeks. I started selfpublishing and currently have 3 short stories (4000 words) out. I made one of them free so you can take a peek and the other two cost about 1 dollar.

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POLL: What kind of tutorials are you interested in seeing next?

I have already done two tutorials on the subject of RPGWriting. I plan on making this a series but I want to know what is considered interesting and what is not.
My previous subjects have been:

Writing an RPG: Some Guidelines
Writing an RPG: Cutscenes.

I will also post Writing an RPG: Villains some day soon. But beyond that I’m at a loss. Let me know via this poll what you personally would love to see. You can reach the poll by clicking. READ MORE.

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Projects added: Spellbinder, Flash and TOWC

As part of this blog we will be adding information about our projects, both future and past. If you are interested in seeing some projects the RMCollective crew have done in the past hop over to the project section. We’ve just added three games by The Original Wij:

a game about a young mage with a hidden past. He has the ability to take spells from monsters he encounters.

a puzzle game that will surely make your brain crack.

-The Original Wij Chronicles,
a rather silly tongue-in-cheek game concerning the origin of Wij’s community character.

All three games are very unique as Wij is a talented scripter and he has done his best to make the games special. So go on and check them out. And don’t forget to leave a comment with your opinion!

Writing an RPG: Cutscenes

Cutscenes are the heart of any game. They are ideal to help you establish information or they are just fun to make. However it is also not easy to make a cutscene.
I tend to find it pretty hard and I emply a specific system to make it easier. A few steps to improve a cutsene. I want to share these;
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