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Gyrowolf’s music pack

It is finally here! The tunes you have been waiting for. I’ve had the pleasure of advising Gyrowolf through the creation of these tunes, and I have to say, there are some really inspiring pieces in there.


Masterful Music

I know it has been a while since something has been posted. We are still around, but life comes first. I just wanted to share a link for some awesome RPGMaker related music by our very own music master, Gyrowolf!

Let’s start the music!

Hey there. This is my first post on the blog, so I guess it would only be right if I introduced myself.

My name is Terrel O’Brien, and I am a U.S. college student majoring in Computer Information Sciences. The programming side. My main purpose on this blog however isn’t to paste tons of, what would be coming from me anyway, useless snippets of Java or C# code or programs. Its to provide music, which I am better at providing.

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