Credits & Usage

Concerning any material contained in this blog, you are:

Free to use in a RPG Maker VX / Ace game if creator and blog is credited.

Free to use in a commercial game if creator and blog is credited, we are notified and have access to a free copy.

Free to post in other communities if they link back to us.

Free to edit and change if the original creator is credited.

These terms of use cover any and all material found on the blog unless specifically stated differently in the post.

Please do not hotlink the images! This implies taking the link of an image and posting it elsewhere. This can create a lot of traffic and consume bandwidth, without bringing traffic to the actual site.

Do not claim these materials for your own. These products are the result of weeks, perhaps months of hard work and it is both insulting and pointless to claim you created them. You are already free to use them without any kind of compensation, save for a credit. It takes little to no effort and shows respect.

If you find someone claiming to have created these products other than us, please notify us on

  1. Charles Verdugo

    It says I can use them commercially but certains ones say you cant use them commercially. Is there anyway I can use the hookshot for commercial use?

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