IRC Rules

Because we have to… unfortunately.

These rules are in addition to any obvious rules that need not be stated.  Operators have the right to interpret these rules as they see fit.  If you have any concerns or complaints, please address an Operator (@ symbol), a H-Operator (& symbol) or Owner (~ symbol).

1. Respect all members and staff.  This is the most important rule.  Do not make offensive jokes.  Respect other member’s wishes within reason.  Do not personally attack anyone.  Do not try to provoke a member into attacking you for any reason.  In short, treat members with respect at all times.

2. Any and all personal issues should stay that way and not be addressed in general chat.  If that is not possible, please address any operator.  However please realize that the operators are instructed to be unbiased, and will also likely do research on both sides of the issue before acting on it.  We will also not enforce any behaviour that is outside either the channel or the blog.

3. Flame wars, site wars, and all personal grudges are to be kept out of the channel.  We will not tolerate attacks on other sites on our behalf.  If you attack any other site and or channel in our behalf you will be dealt with accordingly.

4. Do not post disturbing images or adult material. Be careful what videos and images you link in the channel, and respect other’s beliefs and cultures. Use common sense.

5. Please respect all decisions by the staff and do not excessively complain about the staff in the channel.  If you have a complaint, take it up with that operator or the next highest operator present.  If there is no higher ranked operator available, then either wait until one shows up in the channel or send a PM to one on the blog.  We will research the decision before making any corrections to the decision, so do not expect an immediate decision.  It may take us up to 5 days to rule on this so be patient.  We must gather all information regarding both sides of the decision, so be prepared to answer any questions we may ask you about the challenge.

6. We use a 3 strike system.  What this means is that if you do something wrong, you will be kicked from the channel (but otherwise be able to return freely) with a first warning.  If you continue, you will receive a second warning, again delivered by a kick.  If you continue to misbehave, you will be banned.  First offense will be for 1 day.  If you act out again, you will be banned again (without a warning) for 1 full week.  If you cause more trouble after that, you will be banned permamently and lose all IRC privileges.  In rare cases we may reverse a permanent ban, but if for any reason you ever start trouble after that, you will be banned permanently again and we will not reverse any permanent ban more than once.

7. Above all else, have fun.  The channel is meant for people to come together and be able to communicate in a direct, real time manner.  So relax, and you will more than likely have a great time.


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