Poad’s IRC Quotes

These are quotes of our IRC bot Poad. He will collect anything we say and attempt to use it later to converse, and these are the outcomes:

Please note that some of the language and/or content on this page may be considered inappropriate for some.

Date: 5/07/12

[21:46:29] <Poados> you know what you need? buttchex
[21:46:48] <Solum> Buttchex?
[21:46:50] <Poados> mmm sounds nice
[21:48:09] <Poados> wolf you busy?
[21:49:28] <Poados> wij
[21:49:31] <Poados> okay ready?
[21:49:32] <Poados> put it in

Date: 5/04/12

<Poados> hey Wolf
<Wolf> Hi Poados > >;
<Poados> what the fuck would thats fucking with my browser
<Wolf> I don’t know > >;
<Poados> that would be great
<Wolf> no
<Poados> no, I tested it, as I mentioned
<Wolf> what’s wrong with it?
<Poados> idk why we stopped. after we fixed all the bugs we just
<Jelly> you just what?
<Jelly> :D!
<Poados> you can die
 Jelly dies.
<Wolf> Ah damn it NO POADOS NO!
 Wolf hits Poados
 Poados pats the sad Sander
<Wolf> That’s a BAD Poados!
<Poados> anyone alivw yet?

[21:30:34] <Poados> YOU WILL OBEY
[21:52:36] <kalez> no, no i will not
[21:52:42] <Poados> yes
[21:52:44] <kalez> no
[21:52:47] <Poados> yes
[21:52:51] <kalez> never!
[21:52:52] <Poados> dude
[21:52:55] <kalez> what?
[21:53:00] <Poados> ok

Date: 5/03/12

[03:11:29] <Ookie> YOU WILL OBEY
[203:11:34] <Poados> EXTERMINATE
[03:11:39] <Ookie> :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[03:11:41] <Poados> XD

Date: 5/01/12

<Toops> Can’t…look at…script editor…any…longer
<Poados> dude
<Toops> what poad
<Wolf> you’re looking at his privates
<Wolf> and publics
<Toops> haha
<Wolf> and setters and getters
<Poados> which is really hard at some points!
<Wolf> Poad!
<Wolf> Gross dude.
<Poados> oh yeah and uh
<Poados> nice
<Wolf> No!

Date: 4/29/12

[13:34:44] <Poados> Yeah, I don’
[13:34:50] <Toops> ?
[13:35:09] <Toops> don’t what?
[13:35:19] <Wolf> he don’
[13:35:25] <Toops> I guess he don’
[13:35:34] <kalez> he don’ wut?
[13:35:38] <Wolf> he don’
[13:35:44] <Toops> maybe he just don’ kalez
[13:35:52] <Wolf> yeah he don’
[13:35:53] <Poados> ._.
[13:35:58] <kalez> lol
[13:36:07] <kalez> he don’ like us mocking him
[13:36:10] <Poados> :|
[13:36:17] <Toops> hahaha
[13:36:52] <Toops> shoe’s on the other foot, how’s it feel poad?
[13:36:54] <Poados> fake
[13:37:11] <Toops> :|

[13:32:04] <Toops> Poados needs a nude code
[13:32:09] <Wolf> lulz
[13:32:26] <kalez> o.O
[13:32:27] <Poados> gah
[13:32:34] <kalez> he doesnt agree lol
[13:32:38] <Toops> guess not

Date: 4/27/12

<Poados> @Wolf: I’m well. Mapping out a city in paint. (or trying to, lol)
<Poados> How are you?
<Wolf> @Poados: I was having fun until your message prompt froze my game.
<Wolf> Thanks a lot. Ass.
<Wolf> < _ >
<Poados> o w o
<Poados> haha that was pretty brilliany btw
<Poados> I’m still laughing
<Wolf> shut up poad. T  T

Date: 4/17/12

[20:32:43] –>| Chugs (Mibbit@FC06CBCE.77DC97F5.F909E909.IP) has joined #rmc
[20:32:55] =-= Mode #rmc +v Chugs by ChanServ
[20:34:13] <kalez> hi Bobo
[20:35:00] <Chugs> hai
[20:36:09] <Poados> Chugs is my hero ^o^/
[20:36:57] <Chugs> <3
[20:38:19] <Poados> I think we should burn him at the stake
[20:38:39] <Chugs> i dont think we should do that at all…

Date: 4/14/12

[17:20] <Poados> I’d hit it
[17:20] <~kalez> im sure you woud Poad
[17:20] <Poados> i was just doing that right now
[17:20] <Poados> the wild stuff lol
[17:21] <Poados> Well, everyone has different tastes.
[17:22] <~kalez> he was just having wild sex apparently
[17:23] <Poados> i just woke up
[17:23] <~kalez> in his sleep
[17:23] <Poados> Immediately after I went “Toops?”

[17:24] <Poados> i will in a minute
[17:24] <Poados> hi lulu
[17:24] <@Lunara> Hi Poad.
[17:25] <Poados> xD
[17:25] <Poados> wat
[17:26] <Poados> mah poneh make my pc has it stuck all night
[17:27] <Poados> Tevak hasn’t seen it though.
[17:27] <Tevak> poad
[17:27] <Tevak> leave me alone
[17:27] <Poados> wat
[17:29] * Poados is now known as Glamazon
[17:29] <Glamazon> LOL
[17:30] * Glamazon is now known as Poados
[17:30] * kalez (~uberfail@synIRC-331E9BFA.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #rmc
[17:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +qo kalez kalez
[17:31] <Poados> fail.
[17:31] <~kalez> what? you fail!

[17:34] <~kalez> !stats
[17:34] <@Lunara> !stats
[17:34] <%Ookie> !stats
[17:34] <%Ookie> chain o w o
[17:34] <Poados> O W O
[17:34] <%Ookie> AHAHAHA YES
[17:35] <%Ookie> Poad is the first robot to ever repeat “owo”
[17:35] <%Ookie> i’m happy ;w;

[17:35] <%Ookie> and apparently i type more symbols than words
[17:35] <%Ookie> unless a space counts as a symbol
[17:35] <Poados> its just tat your mexican
[17:35] <%Ookie> ……………………
[17:35] <%Ookie> :x
[17:36] <%Ookie> Poad that’s rude.. i AM half mexican
[17:36] <%Ookie> >_>
[17:36] <Poados> How’s it taste?
[17:36] <%Ookie> ……………..
[17:36] <JustSarah> Nothing wrong with Mexican.

[17:41] <Poados> maybe he’s stuck xD
[17:41] <Poados> poor Kalez
[17:41] <~kalez> o.O
[17:41] <Poados> wasn’t me :P
[17:41] <@Lunara> xD
[17:41] <~kalez> ffff waht yes it was
[17:41] <~kalez> poads a liar
[17:41] <Poados> wat
[17:41] <Poados> PROVE IT!

[17:50] <~kalez> got it! spybot file shreadder
[17:50] <Poados> share!
[17:51] <~kalez> NOM NOM NOM its gone fucker
[17:51] <Poados> I don’t regret it though

[17:53] <Poados> yep
[17:54] <Poados> Hey Shiro, I’m done!
[17:54] <Poados> its only half done though
[17:55] <Shiro> good shit poados lets see it
[17:55] <Poados> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgQxfYKYqBk
[17:56] <Poados> i dont know what to make of it lol

[17:57] <Poados> Cause who’s going to pay match lines and phrases
[17:59] <Poados> kalez is xD
[17:59] <~kalez> i am not!
[17:59] <Poados> I don’t like that, Dave.
[17:59] <~kalez> fuck you Poad!
[18:00] <Poados> your mom
[18:00] <~kalez> XD
[18:01] <Poados> i just say cooler things
[18:02] * Poados is now known as AFKalez
[18:02] <AFKalez> XD
[18:03] <AFKalez> Now I’m depressed.
[18:04] <AFKalez> stop talking to yourself
[18:04] * AFKalez is now known as Poados

[18:07] <+Chugs> hai all
[18:07] <Poados> hi
[18:08] <@Lunara> Hey Bobo
[18:09] <Poados> HOW ARE YOU GENTLEMEN !!
[18:09] <~kalez> wait.. wtf just happened lol
[18:09] <+Chugs> hey Lulu =]
[18:09] <Poados> idk
[18:10] <Poados> you have to make a selection first
[18:11] <Poados> No wait, I’m a dumbass
[18:12] <Poados> hi lulu
[18:12] <~kalez> he just non stop
[18:12] <Poados> Sander is here though
[18:12] <@Lunara> Lol …
[18:13] <+Chugs> lol’d
[18:13] <Poados> XD

[18:13] <Poados> bbl
[18:13] <%Ookie> :|
[18:13] <%Ookie> good
[18:13] <%Ookie> dont come back
[18:13] <~kalez> lol
[18:13] <Poados> k
[18:13] <+Chugs> Okay see you when you get back
[18:13] <%Ookie> :x
[18:13] <%Ookie> xD
[18:13] <%Ookie> STOPPIT
[18:13] <%Ookie> JUST STOP
[18:14] <Poados> OwO!!!
[18:14] <%Ookie> NO
[18:14] <%Ookie> BAD
[18:14] <Poados> i just say cooler things
[18:14] <%Ookie> :x
[18:15] <%Ookie> Kalez didnt i tell you he would quote me
[18:15] <Poados> I can if you want.

[18:18] <+Chugs> How awesome would it be to have a real life poad just shouting stuff out randomly like this
[18:19] <~kalez> very
[18:19] <+Chugs> right on
[18:19] <~kalez> like a shoulder bot
[18:20] <~kalez> though actual poad should be more offensive and swear more
[18:20] <Poados> that could get annoying lol
[18:20] <~kalez> true
[18:20] <Poados> just when you least suspect it, suprise butt sex
[18:21] <+Chugs> He just hogs all the conversation now ;O
[18:21] <%Ookie> poad WOULD repeat that line
[18:21] <%Ookie> lol
[18:22] <Poados> Creepy.
[18:22] <~kalez> that, was awesome

[18:25] <Poados> Ookie xD
[18:25] <%Ookie> Poad xD
[18:26] <+Chugs> I think he likes you
[18:26] <%Ookie> o//w//o
[18:26] <Poados> a/s/l?
[18:26] <+Chugs> 12/f/florida, wanna meet up?
[18:26] <%Ookie> i think we’re moving a little too fast…
[18:26] <Poados> not yet
[18:26] <%Ookie> :x
[18:26] <+Chugs> AHAHAHA
[18:26] <Poados> Sander is still here though
[18:27] <%Sander> Bobo, why don’t you take a seat over there. |:<
[18:28] <Poados> brb kids
[18:28] <+Chugs> Hey, I AM the bait. You take the seat. :|
[18:28] <Poados> Know what my favorite thing about thirty three year olds is?
[18:29] <+Chugs> No… Poad, please do tell. >_>
[18:29] <Poados> idk

[18:30] <Poados> have you seen it yet? lemme get a link
[18:30] <Poados> its ava-community.forumfree.co.uk
[18:30] <%Ookie> thanks for the support, Poad
[18:31] <Poados> I don’t think Tevak has seen it.
[18:31] <%Ookie> free advertisement
[18:31] <%Ookie> lolol
[18:31] <Poados> just when you least suspect it, suprise butt sex
[18:31] <Tevak> Poados leave me alooooooone

[18:33] <Poados> Chugs is my hero ^o^/
[18:33] <+Chugs> I am so touched!

[19:42] <Poados> You know what’s better? Bacon.
[19:42] <Poados> pink or brown?
[19:46] <Poados> tempting, but I think I’ll keep what we have now
[19:47] <@Lunara> Poad’s talking to himself about bacon, apparently.

[19:56] * Poados is now known as Bobopolis
[19:56] <Bobopolis> xD
[19:57] <Bobopolis> sup kalez
[19:57] <~kalez> lol
[19:57] <~kalez> hi bobo
[19:57] <Bobopolis> hello
[19:58] <Bobopolis> I like this
[19:58] * Bobopolis is now known as Poados

[20:15] <Poados> #rmc Wolf Hr% ~MrYOURMOM@synIRC-943054AD.asm.bellsouth.net :0 FUCKYOU
[20:16] <%Wolf> wtf
[20:16] <%Wolf> IS that what is shows everytime I log in? :X
[20:18] <Poados> no but i like it
[20:18] <%Wolf> shaddup
[20:18] <Poados> but when is the question
[20:19] <Poados> Ookie~ :]
[20:22] <%Ookie> . w .

[21:44] <Poados> Tevak hasn’t seen it yet
[21:44] <@Lunara> xD
[21:44] <DoktorSleepless> DO YOU EVER SAY ANYTHINGELSE
[21:44] <DoktorSleepless> og;’sdfhijhgkwep
[21:44] <@Lunara> That’s the third time he’s said that today
[21:44] <Poados> Kalez.. what’s gonna be your opinion on that when your kids are teens?
[21:44] <~kalez> :|
[21:45] <@Lunara> Can’t … breathe … xD

[21:45] <DoktorSleepless> I say
[21:45] <DoktorSleepless> we kill him
[21:45] <DoktorSleepless> here and now
[21:45] <Poados> fuck you
[21:45] <DoktorSleepless> he’s too smart
[21:45] <Poados> yo kro
[21:45] <~kalez> LOL
[21:45] <DoktorSleepless> riggs coded skynet
[21:45] <DoktorSleepless> ;-;
[21:46] <DoktorSleepless> it’s the end

[21:51] <Poados> I’m buzzed which means I can place blame on anything I say on alcohol!
[21:51] <Poados> too late XD
[21:53] <~kalez> a drunk poad? this just gets better
[21:53] <Poados> He’s fortunate I stopped carrying knives
[21:54] <~kalez> o.O
[21:54] <Poados> you sit there freaking out

[21:55] <Poados> i wish lulu was here
[21:56] <Poados> unless she has a saggy ass that hangs out of her panties :P
[21:56] <Poados> let me test it :P
[22:02] <@Lunara> WTF POAD
[22:03] <@Lunara> I seriously can’t stop laughing
[22:03] <Poados> shh shes here
[22:03] <@Lunara> This is getting ridiculous
[22:05] <Poados> one right after the other
[22:05] <@Lunara> Yes Poad, you’re on a roll.

[22:06] <JustSarah> Anyone here have dropbox?
[22:06] <Poados> I used to, but then I thought, what am I doing?
[22:07] <Poados> well let me put it this way
[22:07] <Poados> it’s great

[22:08] <Poados> no i will not be your wife
[22:10] <Poados> you know what surprises me the most about rm communities
[22:10] <Poados> just when you least suspect it, surprise butt sex
[22:11] <@Lunara> LOL
[22:12] <Poados> playing with Poad a little
[22:13] <JustSarah> Why Poad would be playing with himself I don’t know.

[22:15] <Poados> Wolf, Lulu
[22:15] <Poados> you sit there freaking out
[22:15] <Poados> ever have that hand you cant get rid of? fuckign space bar
[22:16] <Poados> it’s pretty handy

[22:22] <Poados> Shit. It’s almost 11?
[22:23] <%Wolf> Sure… somewhere… I’m sure it is almost 11.
[22:23] <%Wolf> I’m huunnngry
[22:23] <@Lunara> Here it’s almost 11
[22:23] <Poados> The frantic meat slapping
[22:23] <%Wolf> eww
[22:23] <@Lunara> Lol

[22:23] * kalez sets mode: +m
[22:23] <~kalez> finally
[22:24] <~kalez> muted him for a bit
[22:24] * Poados is now known as AFKalez
[22:24] <@Lunara> xD
[22:24] <%Wolf> lol
[22:24] <~kalez> fuck
[22:24] <~kalez> so now hes talking to himself
[22:24] * AFKalez is now known as Poados
[22:25] <~kalez> omg
[22:25] <~kalez> he just messaged me
[22:25] <@Lunara> o.o
[22:25] <%Wolf> haha what
[22:25] <%Ookie> who is he
[22:25] <%Ookie> ?
[22:25] <%Ookie> o w o
[22:25] <@Lunara> What did he say
[22:25] <~kalez> [20:55]    from(Poados)    I wouldn’t do that, Dave.
[22:25] <@Lunara> LMAO
[22:25] <%Ookie> lolol
[22:25] <~kalez> that is creepy lol
[22:26] <~kalez> in bold red letters too lol
[22:29] <@Lunara> Wow
[22:29] <@Lunara> Wtf
[22:29] <~kalez> ikr!

[22:41] * Poados is now known as ChannelTakeoverInit
[22:41] <~kalez> o.o
[22:41] <~kalez> wtf
[22:42] <%Ookie> its Riggs now
[22:42] <~kalez> skynet for sure
[22:42] <%Ookie> xD
[22:42] <%Ookie> has to be
[22:42] <@Lunara> O.O Wtf

[22:48] * kalez sets mode: -m
[22:48] <~kalez> Poad?
[22:49] <Poados> bullshit
[22:49] <Poados> lulu kick me please
[22:50] <@Lunara> :x
[22:50] <~kalez> XD
[22:50] <@Lunara> Okay

[22:55] <@Lunara> He also PM’d me on his own
[22:55] <@Lunara> Indeed
[22:55] <Poados> you dondon’t have to get butthurt
[22:55] <@Lunara> I’m not butthurt :|
[22:55] <Poados> yep
[22:55] <@Lunara> No
[22:55] <Poados> yeah
[22:55] <@Lunara> NO
[22:56] <@Lunara> I’M NOT
[22:56] <+Chugs> AHAHAHA

[23:05] <Poados> what do you think of that kalez?
[23:05] <~kalez> of what?
[23:05] <Poados> fridge door and all
[23:06] <@Lunara> Lol
[23:06] <@Lunara> I guess I’ll add the extra stuff and then go to bed.
[23:06] <Poados> what a whimp
[23:06] <@Lunara> …

[22:39:33] <Poados> Sander?
[22:39:39] <Toops> …?
[22:39:40] <Lunara> :x
[22:39:48] <Lunara> What about Sander?
[22:40:06] <Toops> What about Sander, Poad?
[22:40:07] <Poados> dick
[22:40:11] <Toops> O_O
[22:40:12] <Lunara> …
[22:40:18] <Lunara> I am not answering that.
[22:41:08] <kalez> lol
[22:41:12] <Toops> Why are you being so rude Poad? You’ve got joy_emotes loaded.
[22:41:13] <Poados> just because I can doesn’t mean I will

  1. That’s so mess up. Reminds you not to say rude things around your young kids. They’ll pick anything you say and use them at the weirdest occasions.

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