Original Wij

Almost a century ago, an ordinary young man was possessed by an evil spirit accidentally let loose. This spirit, the Visigoth, bound himself to this young man’s body with powerful magic and spread fear and chaos across the land.

50 levels of puzzling fun!

Long ago … … long before the time of the Egyptians, the Mayans, or even the fabled Atlantis, there was Metrascia. Metrascia was your stereotypical medieval type society. People walked everywhere. They used swords and shields, there were wizards and warriors and things were generally peaceful. It was a strange world though. What you would consider bizarre was commonplace. One of the most bizarre creatures from this era was a semi-retired sorcerer named Wij.

Note: The terms [VX] and [Ace] apply to versions of RPG Maker the games were made with. Owning the respective RTP may be required to play.


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