Almost a century ago, an ordinary young man was possessed by an evil spirit accidentally let loose. This spirit, the Visigoth, bound himself to this young man’s body with powerful magic and spread fear and chaos across the land. He had taken over almost the entire world in a matter of weeks. All that remained was a stronghold held by the most powerful spellbinders. They knew that they could not beat the Visigoth, so they laid a trap for him. The trap worked. The spirit was separated from this unfortunate young man and banished to the ether. Fast forward to several years later. That young man was now an apprentice spellbinder. He had moved on with his life and had even learned to embrace magic. However, the Visigoth, before being banished, made a vow to return. He just had to bide his time and wait for the right opportunity. He would be back. This was disconcerting to the young spellbinder, because once bound to him, the Visigoth could not bind with any other human …


The world known only as Erf has a system of elementally based towers that provide a protective barrier between the human world and the spirit world. Harmless spirits, such as spiritflies, can pass through this barrier, but the barrier blocks any malevolent magic beings. The four main towers each reside on one of the four main continents. This, obviously, is a world filled with magic. The world government is known as the Magistrate and consists of the most powerful wizards, witches, sorcerers, mages, and spellbinders from all over the planet. Each continent is governed by a Proxy. This Proxy also is responsible for the barrier tower on his or her continent. When the barrier is up, the world is generally an eden. No war, no poverty, no illness. If the barrier were to fall …


Class: Spellbinder
Our protagonist. He became a spellbinder when that evil spirit was removed from him, due to the enormous amount of magic energy that passed through him. He is a little impatient and fed up with being an apprentice. While rough on the outside, he has a heart of gold and rarely refuses a request for help. His manners may not be the best, but he dedicates himself completely to whatever endeavor he pursues and never gives up. If you need someone you can count on, this is the guy you call.

Class: Sorcerine
In a word, serious. She is work first, work second, maybe play tomorrow. She is known mostly for her healing prowess, however do not underestimate her! She is an accomplished sorcerine that can match any sorcerer in battle. She lives with and takes care of her younger sister. She has strong family values and is extremely loyal. A must for any team.

Class: Necromage
Self-proclaimed famous hunter. Master of the darker magics. Comedian, or so he thinks. Loves to joke around, especially during awkward or inappropriate moments. Very well known amongst some of the seedier people and in some very strange places. A man who is always in search of a good time and a better drink. Overconfident almost to a fault, but it suits him well.

Class: Fairy Knight
Sergeant in a classified section of the military. When you want someone or something dead … this is who you get to do it. Do not ever question her loyalty. Fairy Knights are forged of great honor and pride. She is the only knight ever to receive the Magistrate’s Cross, the highest honor achievable for a soldier. She is also an expert in espionage and infiltration.




NOTE 1: All credits are displayed at the end of the game.
NOTE 2: Please report any odd occurrences, bugs, or tile errors.
NOTE 3: Criticism is welcome (both good and bad), but please tell me WHY it’s awesome or WHY it sucks.
NOTE 4: I STRONGLY recommend you play in FULL SCREEN if playing on some older/slower PCs.
It WILL lag in towns and the intro will not sync correctly otherwise.
NOTE 5: If the font doesn’t seem to work, delete the FONT folder in the game and it will use a default font.
NOTE 6: Do NOT re-post without permission.
NOTE 7: Enjoy! 8)


Updated to Version 1.06 (minor fixes)
Spellbinder / Spellbinder (with RTP)

Made with RPG Maker VX


Note: Support bar does not work at this moment. Needs to be reuploaded.
Note: some sites may require the link address to be in quotation marks

From my mind to your PC ….
~Wij 8)


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